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With a dynamic and skilled team of counselors and experts, Moner Bondhu is a platform to provide care for mental health and well-being service. We have our current engagement in three sectors: 1) providing care and support to mental distress, via helpline number, online and offline counselling support; 2) organizing workshops and training on stress management, awareness building on mental healthcare etc; 3) hosting ‘Amar Moner Kotha’, a weekly radio program on Color’s FM 101.6 dedicated to endorse issues on mental healthcare.

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Since 2016, Moner Bondhu has reached 20,00,000 people thorough its various online platforms, through our many events we have reached 1,10,000 people. 

People can connect with our experts for all kinds of psychosocial support, from major existential thoughts to small, emotional struggles that we all experience. We have provided one-to-one counselling services to almost 10,000 clients while strictly maintaining confidentiality.

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Friends of Moner Bondhu

Supporting a social cause, promoting awareness for mind care
Listen to the counselor if someone starts having suicidal thoughts. And we should not glorify such unexpected news in our media. We need to be careful so that such news do not impact someone with a vulnerable mind.
Anisul Hoque
Writer and Journalist
Do we care for our inner beauty? How do you take care of our mind? We need to understand the difference of our outer beauty and inner well-being. As an actress, there is stress because we act and we portray other characters and minds. So care is important.
Joya Ahsan
I do support that we need care for our mental health and well-being. I always promote the necessity of taking professional care for our mind. The acts of professional caring and counseling are so powerful because it builds you and creates deeper bonds with your friends and family.
Iresh Zaker
Actor and Business person
One should stand for the other, specially a woman should stand for another woman. Everyone goes through their difficult times; to overcome the distress we need to build our own support system and seek professional care.
Dr. Rubana Huq
President, BGMEA


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