Mental Health

Talk, open up and stay confident. It's easy and simple.

Taking care of your mind is one big step towards happiness.

Services We Offer

Top Notch Professionals help you through us. 

Relationship Issues​

Our experts provide relationship advice and work with attachment & relationships

Anger Management

Our counseling sessions teach you to manage anger and negative emotions

Anxiety Management

Anxiety, OCD, Panic attacks - our counselors help you with all

Stress Counseling

Stress management and optimisation for productivity is a Moner Bondhu specialty

Depression Counseling

71% of the Dhaka population are suffering from depression and we are here to help

Cheating Relationship

Moner Bondhu's counselors help navigate the difficulties of a cheating relationship

Grief Counseling

Dealing with grief is never easy, but Moner Bondhu is here to help

Marital Problems

Our expert couple's counselors are here to take you to your happily ever after


Help for you to accept a breakup/rejection and rebuild your self-esteem

Self Confidence

Self-image, self-esteem, self-confidence - our counselors teach you to love yourself

Addiction Counseling

We get to the root cause of addiction and help people to gain lasting recovery

Low Self Worth

Our counselors help you to work on your self-worth and personal development